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Adult Sunday School Lessons

 Marriage and Family

Why do marriages not last these days, not all of them but a great number of them just does not last?   Grace has just completed a seminar on this very topic and most, if not all, of Grace couples showed up for these sessions. Why?  Because it was something I believe that directly affected their marriage and the relationships that develop during the course of the life of a marriage.   And there were also a few who participated who were single parents perhaps contemplating marriage at some point in their lives.  

So a great deal of the topics that will be addressed in these next 13 weeks will be familiar.  Use the repetition to help stir up your marriage.   In every lesson, be sure and internalize the messages.  In every case, be sure and take something away and:  

      1.       Make it the application personal
      2.       Make the application practical
      3.       Make it possible
      4.       Make it provable

My apologies upfront because heretofore, we have only the student manual and it had to be scanned and therefore the quality you are used to is missing.  Nevertheless, they are readable.  Print them out and use as you please --- share them as well.

  Have ideas about the Sunday School.  Is there a burning topic you'd like to see addressed.  Email me at and we will work toward making it happen.  

          Sunday School gets underway each Sunday at 10:00 a.m. 

Do You have a question or comment regarding Sunday School?  Email and we will respond as quickly as possible.  Shalom (Peace)


Lesson Title

Key  Scriptures


July 13, 2014

Communication in Marriage

Ephesians 4:23-30, 1 Peter 3:8-10

Thompson, J.

   July 20, 2014

Help for Broken Families

Genesis 21:9-21

Cox, E. 

July 27, 2014

Parents as Trainers and Restrainers

Luke 2:39-52

Thompson, K.

August 3, 2014

Parents as Encouragers

Genesis 37:1-3, 50:18-21

Lundy, I.

August 10, 2014    

Parents as Role Models

Luke 17:26-32

Lundy, A. 

 August 17, 2014

 Parents as Protectors and Providers
Exodus 1:22, 2:1-10

  Cuneo, A. 

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Jul 12, 2014, 1:52 PM
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