Financial Management

  • Readying yourself for retirement?  Why not?  Don't know where to start?  Ask the Elder.  Here is a cite where I have established a account, even in my retirement years.  Click here and get more information. 

  • Financial management seminar focusing on key topics such as the love of money, interest rates (savings as well as debt), the time value of money (including compound interest), budgeting, the rule of 72 (how long it takes to double your investment, tithes and offerings and retirement planning
  • Did you know that "the love of money is the root of all kinds of evils.  It is through this craving that some have wondered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs" (I Timothy 6:10)?  Read verses 1 through 11 for context.
  • Did you know that we need to guard against covetousness because our life does not consist in the abundance of our possessions (Luke 12:15)? See Heb. 13:5, Prov. 11:24 & 1 Jn. 2:16.
  • Did you know that if you have a credit card with a balance of $2,000 on a 12% credit card, it will take you 69.66 months to pay for you to be debt free if you pay only $40 per month?
  • Did you know that the food that we eat can have a very significant impact on our finances in the form of doctor and hospital bills?  There are certain foods that are just unclean for all of us.  See Leviticus 11.
  • Did you know that If you go to the bank and deposit $100 and then put $50 in the bank for the next 20 years, earning 4%, then the maturity value is $18,560.99: this includes $6,460.99 in interest.  THIS IS THE IMPACT OF COMPOUND INTEREST!
  • Did you know that investing at least 3&% of your $4,000 month income can yield that the following amount to support your retirement years:  Currently has $2,000 in savings and contribute 3% ($120), with no employer match, then that equates to $54,749.32?
  • Did you know that God would rather we be the head and not the tail provided we follow his commandments (Deuteronomy 28:13)?  We need to get away from being slave the lender (Proverbs 22:17)?   So, strongly consider taking aggressive action now to be debt free (I will exclude mortgages as most of us cannot go and buy a house and pay cash.
  • Did you know that greed is a sin?  Get up to speed by reviewing these additional scriptures located at this website:  Click here.

Going forward, we will look to bring more seminars dealing with financial management. Why?  Because the Word tells us that we should be lenders and not borrowers.  Want to know God's ways of prosperity?  In his book, Money and Wealth in the New Millennium, Norm Franz addresses 10 commandments of biblical prosperity.  These include the following:

  1. Obey all of God's commandments
  2. Seek the property of your soul
  3. Acquire wisdom and knowledge
  4. Bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  5. Honor the Lord with your wealth
  6. Be generous to the poor
  7. ** Don't use debt to prosper (my emphasis: this is a big one); see Scripture below
  8. Be diligent
  9. Establish God's covenant in the marketplace
  10. No dishonest scales of any kind 

"6 Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth that which is not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!  Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them? (Habakkuh 2:6-7) KJV

“6 But soon their captives will taunt them.  They will mock them, saying, ‘What sorrow awaits you thieves!  Now you will get what you deserve!  You’ve become rich by extortion,  but how much longer can this go on? 7  Suddenly, your debtors will take action.  They will turn on you and take all you have, while you stand trembling and helpless." NLT

As recently as 2006 and going forward, many people became victims of the debt bubble where leveraged investments, i.e., homes, were artificially inflated.  What happened? The debt bubble: market values of homes tumbled and people were left (stuck) with homes where their mortgages were upside down.  That is, the market value of their homes were less than what they owed.  As Norm indicates in his book (pg. 196), "Many have been totally wiped out."  Understand, however, that there are a few biblically sound reasons why believers should borrow or lend to others (Norm, pg. 197).  He addresses this is in a subsequent book.  

Money and Wealth in the New Millennium can be purchases for under $15.  Click here. 

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